How To Attract High-Paying Clients

If you’ve recently taken the leap to become your own boss (congrats!) use these 10 steps to land high-paying clients and keep them coming.

7 Subtle Signs of Depression

Depression isn’t always what you think. It can rear its vile head in many ways. Sure, depression showcases itself in long periods of sadness and a disinterested mood—but it’s much more than that. The symptoms can be quietly cunning, disguised as something else altogether. According to the ADAA, Major Depressive Disorder affects more than 16.1…

Techniques For Life’s Overwhelming Moments

Sometimes there are moments, or entire days, where life feels overwhelming AF. Nothings seems to be going the way it should, everyone is annoying (sorry friends), and the world is testing my boundaries. You know what I’m talking about? If not–you probably don’t need to read this blog post. And, I’m also jealous of you….

Muscle Growth: Why Sleep Matters More Than You Think

Your alarm sounds, jolting you awake. Your eyes are tired and your muscles sore. You stretch your arms above your head and groan, dreading the long day ahead of you; already tired. In today’s bustling world, this is the story for many. Sleep takes a back seat to our jobs, kids, hobbies, the gym, and…

3 Lifestyle Shifts for a Happier YOU

In today’s world, we seem to compare and judge ourselves based on others. We scroll down our timelines and see the lavish lifestyles of celebrities, the happiness of our friends, and fantasy lives that are unattainable. This leads to negative effects on our mental state where we begin the process of self-hate. In my own…