What to do in Dallas Texas

I love Texas. The delicious juicy BBQ, bright lively neighborhoods, and of course–the weather.  So when I had a free week to head somewhere warm, Dallas Texas was at the top of my list. I’ve been before (and loved it!) but if you’ve never been, let’s talk about what to do in Dallas.  Eat Big …

Best Gym in Dallas

There’s one question regarding travel I get more than any other: How do you workout and prioritize fitness while on the road?  My best advice can be summed up in 3 bullets: Focus on the purpose of your trip first. If you’re taking a vacation because you desperately need to relax–KICK BACK and let yourself…

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

The following gift guide is packed with gifts that will spread joy, promote a healthy and happy life, and make anyone’s holiday special.

Travel Highlight: Phoenix and Sedona

Hi friends, before you keep reading, click that “subscribe” button and follow my adventures on Insta (@sideofkail) so we can chat about life, travels, and health! Okay, happy reading.  A few weeks ago I posted my 11 Bucket List Travel Destinations, and I wanted to update you on my latest adventures – Phoenix and Sedona….

Traveling in Your 20’s: Tips and Tricks

There’s nothing quite like adventuring around the world in your 20’s. Not only are responsibilities at a minimum, but your body is young and your mind is open. However, travel isn’t exactly cheap, and it’s definitely not always easy. That’s why I’m here — to help you see the world one t(r)ip at a time. How…