Energy Overnight Oats

Breakfast people are the best people (in my opinion). And if you're one of my fav people you're going to L-O-V-E this so-simple recipe. It's delicious, nutritious, and packs a mad punch of energy. I'll be honest -- I eat this mid-morning (after my first breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs) when I'm sitting at my... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Doing (Modified) Whole30

Fad diets -- I'm not into them. However, the Whole30 is a "diet" that I've tried before and didn't absolutely hate. What is it? Read a full explanation here. I'll detail my own "rules" in a bit, since I'm not sticking hard and fast to the ones described above. Background: For as long as I... Continue Reading →

My 10 Must Have Trader Joe’s Products

I’m new to this whole “Trader Joe’s Obsession.” The first time I walked into the store I was ridiculously overwhelmed – similar to my first experience with the 3-story Forever 21 in NYC. There’s a whole bunch of stuff and seemingly no true order. Now I’m a seasoned vet (lol JK I’ve been like 6... Continue Reading →

Gluten Free Chicken Tacos

OK, so I may be slightly obsessed with her food since she's one of my favorite humans, but today I'm sharing another delicious recipe from Devon ( It just happens to be my favorite thing on Earth: TACOS. So continue reading for a quick recipe that will become a staple in your food prep. I... Continue Reading →

5 Tricks To Drink More Water

Exactly how much water we need to drink per day remains up for debate. What isn't up for debate is that we need water. Like, a lot of it. How much you need depends on your health, activity level, body size, and a whole handful of other factors. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine... Continue Reading →

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