People Tell Their Worst Dating Horror Stories

By the time I was a sophomore in college, my boyfriend and I had been dating for over 4 years. We wanted to explore other people but didn’t have the heart to break it off. Dating each other had been all that we’d known, and our relationship was more of an unhealthy safety net. I can specifically remember a night at the beginning of my sophomore year that began at Beck’s. If you went to UNI when Beck’s was still around, you’re familiar with bullfrogs and how much they can mess a person up. I was hammered, to say the least. After leaving the bar and smashing an entire pizza at $5, I stumbled to my boyfriend’s house to crash. There, I found him sleeping in bed with a girl that I had known all of high school. So naturally, I went ape shit and he called the police without me knowing. When I walked outside, I was stopped by two police cars and arrested for public intoxication. I probably could’ve gotten worse, but I think the officer felt bad for me. It’s safe to say I never saw that boyfriend after that, lol. Although I could have done without the criminal charge, I am happy that night happened because now I am with the person who makes me the happiest in life. Lesson of this story: take your own shoes to jail because they will give you nasty ass Crocs. Oh, and when things seem like the end of the world in a moment, they’re usually setting you up for something much better.

– L. 24

At 24 years old, I’d never had a one-night stand. I TRIED once, but ended up dating the guy, (which is a whole other horror story!). Any who, let me set the scene. I’m getting over an ex, lonely as frick, and Bumble is whispering sweet nothings in my ear. What a fantastic idea. I download the app and I am on the hunt. I’m on a mission to have a one-night stand. I’m looking at bios, trying to figure out which lucky bastard gets to one-and-done. I come across some smokin’ Navy guy in his uniform, his bio literally only says “Hodor.” Lol dead, l dig a guy who’s into GOT. I engage with the right swipe and it’s an instant match. We have maybe three lines of conversation before he’s asking for my number and I’m inviting him to my place. He brings a HANDLE of tequila. I’m like “oh shit, he’s going to get me drunk and I’m going to die tonight. I’m a goner, great 24 years but I’m done, at least I’ll get a one-night stand.” We hit and quit, this stranger doesn’t try to kill me and I’m like “sweet, bye!”

The only thing I was thinking was, “Wow mission complete, never have to see the dude again, I have successfully pulled off a one-night stand with someone who never wants to see me again either, cool.” It did not stop. The kid contacted me too much, but I drew the line after he said this:

Someone please tell me what the God damn shoe means. ALSO NO, there will not be another time. Men, never should “I’m creaming for that pussy” ever leave your lips. Lol, boy bye!

– S. 24

Me and this girl (We’ll call her “C”) were talking around August of 2017. It started out really cool; she was a dope chick, really sexy and she even paid for all of my drinks the first time we went out, which in my mind is amazing because I usually pay for girls when we’re out. After the first few weeks, she started wanting to see me more often (I only saw her on the weekends). 

My friends weren’t fond of her either which was a problem for me. A specific example was us going out; one of my roommates and her best friend for a little 2 and 2. Towards the end of the night we went to a 24/7 diner. Everything was fine up until the bills came. My roommate was going to pay for his own meal and her friend was going to do the same but “C” interjected and said “Um, you’re a man, you can pay for her” at my roommate. My roommates eyes lit up. Her friend said she could pay for herself since it wasn’t like an official double date or anything but “C” insisted that he had to pay for her. Tensions were high between my roommate and her after that.

And so on.. weeks go by after that, me and her are still talking. She spent the night on some Saturday. My roommate said his dog ran off so I went to go help find the dog. It took about 2 hours before we found the dog. We got coffee, went back to the house, and decided we were going to get food in a little (the coffee is important). I went back to my room and she says “Oh so you got coffee and couldn’t get me any?” 

I said it wasn’t a big deal and got back in bed with her. She leads on with, “Well lets get food”. I actually was hungry but I just didn’t want to get food with her since I was already going to eat with my roommate. I told her I wasn’t hungry and then she explodes. She goes on a rant about how I don’t spend enough time with her, that we only hook up when we’re together and so & so. So I told her that’s not the case and I’m just busy with the schedule I had. On the way to dropping her off, she was in a bad mood and once we got to her apartment, she begins to open the door and says “Well, have a good life.” And slams my door.So in my mind I think we’re done talking for good. But that is not the case lol. 

The next time I hear from her is via text on Tuesday saying she got a new number (see screenshot). I ignore it. She calls me; I ignore it. Before this, I already took her off snap and unfollowed her on instagram etc on the weekend. Now I’m getting like 8-10 calls at like 1:00 AM etc (see screenshot). The next day I sent her a text saying we should be done (see screenshot). She apparently says I should’ve told her what I wanted her from the beginning even though I thought it was mutual. Then on Friday she says she wants me for sex lmao (see screenshot). so, moral of the story; girls can be wild lol.

– R. 25

Long before I dated my current girlfriend, there was this cute bartender who was introduced to me by one of my colleagues. The next week I meet her after bar close, we go to my place and the deal is closed. A couple weeks after that we meet again after bar close and we go to her house next. Turns out she’s a cat lady who keeps the litter in her bedroom closet so it smelled like kitty litter, but me being a guy, I still wanted to get it in. I ignored the smell as best as I could. Now remember this is merely the second night we’re meeting each other physically and our texting has been pretty superficial. She starts saying things during sex that would scare any guy who thinks this is just physical. Especially a dumb 23-year-old. Things like, “We’re meant for each other.” “I think we’re gonna be doing this a very long time.” “I think we’re destined.” Now keep this in mind, I know now how much of an asshole I am for this next event. I tell her I have to go. I start to leave. But she. Won’t. Let. Me! She wraps her arms around me like a seatbelt! She’s telling me I can’t go! I start to worry for my life, I start to worry about what I’m gonna have to do to get away from her! 

BUT….I turn to her and ask her to let go, while I keep prying her hands away. She finally gives up and lets me leave. And I haven’t talked to her since. 

I learned a lesson that night: get to know a girl really well before getting physically intimate with her.

– G. 26

When I was 19 years old, I loved a boy more than I loved myself. So much in fact I bought him a car (somewhat because I was tired of driving him around 🤣), took care of his sister, and was the ultimate loyal girlfriend. He would start fights with me just to go to parties Thursday-Saturday. He cheated. I was pregnant at one point and after that ended, he stabbed me when he was high on coke. He broke my windshield and stabbed me with the glass. 

– T. 26

I dated this guy for about a month—he was actually my best friend’s boyfriend’s friend—and it happened by total accident. She started talking about him and I was like “Wait, I like it!” However, I’d never heard of this guy before. Then she was like, “Oh yeah it’s her boyfriend’s friend…” and I was like “Let me see a pic!” And she showed me a picture of him and he was totally my type and in his late 20s/almost 30, so I figured that he would actually be a decent guy and mature… so basically it was a blind date and we met at a restaurant downtown and I had never officially met him but I had seen pictures of him and I knew that he was a really good guy based on everything that they had told me. So we meet up and he was SO sweet and everything went REALLLLY well the first date and I was like, “Holy shit I REALLY like this guy!” And like he told me he really liked me….

On the first date we had a few drinks but nothing that would make me think he’s like a drunk or anything obvi. So, date two we watched the Bears vs. Seahawks game at his place and it was really fun again! We had some wine and cuddled on the couch (didn’t hook up or anything…), Like I said, we were drinking but nothing I thought was over a crazy amount. Date 3 I’m like, “Yaaa babyyyy were like dating??” Was kinda weird? Like I went over to watch another football game and it was like 6 pm and he was like, “Hey, can you get a 6-pack and come over?” and I was like, “Rude ok sure?” And I went over and he was HAMMERED! And I was like, “Wtf lmfao? You’re alone. What’s going on?” And I was like, “Well maybe he’s just…out there?” I didn’t stay too long, and we hung later that week…….

I left my work happy hour to go meet up woth him and he was like, “Can you come pick me up I’m down the street at Freehouse” (a bar), and I was like, “Oh sure, I guess? I thought I was meeting you at your house but whatever…” Notice I’m only going over to his house and so I pick him up and he gets in my car and he’s absolutely shitfaced and we make it to the restaurant down the street where all of his friends are (which are also my friends because my friend’s boyfriend) and we’re literally sitting at the dinner table with 10 people and this girl walks by in like a leather bomber jacket and he was like, “what’s that fetish where people dress up in leather and do like bondage stuff?” AT THE TABLE!!!! And I was like, “oh h a h a umm idk but I know what you’re talking about…” THEN IN FRONT OF EVERYONE HE GOES, “WHATS YOUR FETISH? WHAT GETS YOU OFF WHAT DO YOU LIKE?” And EVERYONE AT THE TABLE STOPS TALKING AND STARES AT MEEEE!!!! And I was like 😨😨😨

Then I was like, “I have to go” and he was like, “Ok guys were leaving!” And I was like, “We????” And he was like, “Ya were going back to your house :)” and I was like, “The f if you think you’re stepping foot into my house buddy.” He goes, “Yeah, we’re going to your house!” I said, “No way dude, I’m bring you home and not talking to you again.” And I dropped him off because he was so drunk. Then he asked me when we could double date with my friend and her boyfriend and I literally was like, “Get 🙂 out 🙂 of my car :)”

After that I tried to ghost him and he would text me every day and finally I was like, “Look dude, this is not for me. We can be friends but absolutely not.” 

-R. 24

One night when I was out my girlfriends, pretty intoxicated, I spotted a really handsome man across the bar. Sharp jawline, tall, great smile, the whole deal. So I waltzed on over, introduced myself, gave him my number, and next thing you know we’re at Perkins eating 3:00 AM breakfast and chatting about life. He comes back to my place and we don’t hook up–INSTEAD, this man starts talking to me about God and faith (okay, cool with me), and he says a quick bedtime prayer before going to bed. In the morning, we grab brunch and it’s agreed that we’ll hang out again.

Fast forward 3 months and we’ve been steadily hanging out 3-4 times a week. By this point I’ve learned he has a 2-year-old daughter and an ex-wife. The story I receive is: We got pregnant during college, decided to try and make it work, she had an affair, I bounced. Can’t judge a guy for trying to do what’s right, right?

So I meet the entire family, parents, sister, daughter, etc. They love me. They’re calling and texting me almost weekly. We spend a holiday together, go on 2 trips, and he’s basically living at my place from Thursday to Sunday. I’m falling hard at this point. So hard in fact that he’s trying to convince me to move to a different state with him and start a “new” family. AND I CONSIDER DOING SO.

Anyway, at about the 3.5 month mark, I get this weird feeling and I go through his phone while he’s passed out drunk after a nice Cinco De Mayo party. Turns out, that “ex-wife” is really his CURRENT one, the affair never happened, and they’re LIVING TOGETHER on the days he’s not with me. So I’m like, “WTF.” And I get out real quick. As in, “Bye. See you never. Please do not contact me again.”

2 weeks later both he and his wife are contacting me on the same day for separate reasons. He’s asking for me back while she’s like, “How do you know my husband?” And I’m like, “You mean my ex-boyfriend?” And she proceeds to tell me how they separated for a while because he’s sociopathic and abusive (shows me bruises and an arrest charge as evidence) but that they’ve been back together for about 3-4 months (lol). At this point the wife is asking me to help her get full custody of the child so she can “escape” him. I’m like, “Yeah if I can help without getting too involved I will.” (I don’t.)

THEN, he contacts me again threatening to take me to court for “slander” because I openly told his poor wife (ex-wife???) that we’d been together on multiple occasions she thought he was with his family. I blocked him real quick and told her that I wasn’t trying to be involved.

2 weeks later they’re taking new family pictures and happy as clams. Moral of the story: Double lives are real. Watch out.

-K. 24

I met a girl and we went on a few dates. We started hanging out a lot more and I figured I could introduce her to my friends and invite her out with us. The night came, I picked her up, and met my friends out. She used to be an “industry girl” bottle service lady and we ended up at the bar she used to work at 5+ years earlier. She started to drink a lot in a short amount of time and started literally hanging off me and trying to make out in the middle of the bar when I was talking to out-of-town friends. When I asked her to stop, she told me I needed to get the f out of her bar and proceeded to grab my drink and throw it in my face. I was like, “This is a joke…” She goes, “Nope!” Grabbed a stranger’s drink and then threw round 2 in my face and stormed out. Her roommate apologized for her behavior. She couldn’t figure out why I ended things with her after that and insisted I needed to learn to forgive and move on. 

-D. 29

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