10 People Answer “What Makes a Great Partner?”

I reached out to 10 people in my life who are all happily dating or married and asked them, “What makes a great partner?” Mainly for my own knowledge, obviously. But also to share it with ya’ll. Here’s to love!

“Being a TEAM. No matter the situation you should come to a consensus together before acting. Before marriage, my checklist was long, and I’ve always been a picky person. I wanted my future partner to love Jesus, their family/my family, adventure, be an overall driven person, willing to challenge one another, love agriculture, care about a future family before its happening but most importantly love me for ME, and in Jacob I have absolutely found all of those and more!”
– Jessica, 23

“Selflessness and thoughtfulness. Always thinking about the other person and their needs before your own.”
– Megan, 24

“Somebody that can make you laugh, support you, and can be hard on you all at the same time. Having a partner that can show you what true love is outside of the love you feel for your parents is truly one of the best things you can ever have in life.”
– Hailee, 24

“Well, to start, there has to be chemistry that you simply can’t describe, and can only feel. How someone makes you FEEL is worth a thousand words. If there is no chemistry at the start, it’ll be hard to create as you move into a relationship. A good partner must understand that you are two individuals. He/she must understand that your “unit” you create together is simply a combination of the two of you, but that you MUST also remain your own person in order to grow together. Not only does he/she know that you are two separate souls, but they must also encourage your individuality. A good partner must make you laugh, and not take life too seriously. Life sucks without laughter. The core of your relationship should be built upon trust and laughter. Laugh often, laugh a lot. Trust each other easily, and do all you can to never break that trust. If you do break that trust, work hard as hell to re-gain it back. Relationships can be WORK…put it in when you need to. A good partner must challenge you to better yourself. They must make you feel like you can conquer the world, and support all of your efforts in doing so. You must do the same in return. A good partner must be down to adventure, and explore the world. It’s a beautiful place that we live, and it’s so important to see it with your person as it will allow you to create beautiful memories together to keep in your memory banks and reminisce on.”
– Becky, 28

“Someone that makes you laugh (doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks the person is funny, if you can laugh with this person that’s what matters.) Someone who truly cares about your well-being and wants to do things to make your life better, happier, etc. Someone that shares similar long-term goals as you as far as marriage, children, and someone you can have open, authentic conversations about money with – goals need to align, or at least both must be supportive of the others goals, and there must be some alignment with how goals are going to be achieved. Someone that builds you up, cheers you on, supports your goals, dreams, desires. Someone that can love unconditionally.”
– Erinn, 35

“Compromising and making decisions together.”
– Thane, 37

“Having a safe place to land, free of judgement, and the ability to make mistakes and to say you’re sorry when needed with zero finger pointing. And lots of laughs at each other and situations, life’s just too darn short.”
– Barbie, 37

“Support. Whether you’re supporting their dream or their failure, no matter what you have their back. Let them be who they are and love them no matter what–it’s insanely powerful.”
– Alison, 41

“Trust, honesty, love for God and family (in that order), independence, and always putting family before work.”
– Dyan, 48

“A good partner is one who looks to continually learn about their significant other while also accepting their partner’s differences as just who that person is. They’re also quick to forgive and move on.”
– Monte, 52

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