3 Lifestyle Shifts for a Happier YOU

In today’s world, we seem to compare and judge ourselves based on others. We scroll down our timelines and see the lavish lifestyles of celebrities, the happiness of our friends, and fantasy lives that are unattainable. This leads to negative effects on our mental state where we begin the process of self-hate. In my own experience, I’ve learned 3 things that have helped negate the feeling of being worthless and unloved: controlling the environment around me, developing a positive perspective on life, and simply loving myself for who I am.

Controlling Your Environment


Negativity is all around us. It plagues our society through social media, friends, news, and events that take place daily, but it’s the people around us that have the greatest effect on our environments. How do we counteract a negative environment? We have to block it out. Friends that engage in bad behavior or complain daily can be toxic. Sometimes the most toxic people can be your best friends or family.

When you’re constantly feeling uncomfortable or are around behavior that you don’t condone, it’ll eventually lead to bad outcomes or unintended consequences. You’ll be drained mentally and spiritually. The best thing to do is see less of those friends or family, or try to explain to them how you feel about what they do and if they don’t respect your perspective, you need to let them go. This isn’t easy but it’s the best thing to do for your long-term mental health.

Developing a Radically Positive Mindset


Almost everyone goes through some type of adversity growing up. They’ve been bullied for being overweight, for how they look, for their race, etc. We as people can do 2 things: 1) Dwell on the negative aspects of how we’re perceived or 2) Drown out the noise and change the way we see ourselves. Personally, I’ve developed a “glass half full” mentality where I can always see the positive aspects out of any situation. What many consider to be life failures, I consider lessons learned. Make a list of the things you have and the people that love you, then everything else becomes irrelevant. Once you have that perspective, you begin to have a better appreciation of life.

Love yourself


Fall in love with yourself. And I don’t mean romantically! Begin the process of discovering who you are, what you love to do, and being healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. Love the process of making yourself a better human being. Start asking yourself “Why Not?” instead of “Why?” Develop monthly and yearly goals where you hold yourself accountable for self-development. Once you understand your self-worth, you’ll reach a state of mind where nobody else can ever tell you about who you are.



Reks Mouk is a 24 year old Cambodian American currently residing in the Twin Cities, MN. During the day he works as a data scientist at Optum, building predictive models and analytical solutions. But his passions for education and youth have lead him to develop an entrepreneurial and educational brand called “Modest Wealth.” The first proof of concept for Modest Wealth will take place December of 2018 as he works with East Ridge High School in Woodbury, MN.

Modest Wealth Goal:
Modest Wealth will challenge high school and college students to think more innovative and develop business acumen. The biggest takeaway is for the students to have the intuition to recognize opportunities for their ideas and have the knowledge and preparation to open new doors for themselves. Modest wealth encompasses ideation, business model development, and value design.

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