Mindset Shift: Embracing Enough

What you think in your mind you manifest in your life.

For instance, can you remember a time when you or your friend bought a new car? Maybe it was a VW Beetle, and all of a sudden you started seeing Beetles everywhere you went. It’s like the second that specific car became relevant to your life it manifested itself everywhere.

Was this because there was a sudden surge in VW customers? No. It’s simply a matter of thoughts manifesting themselves into real life things.

The same goes for your basic mindset. And today I want to talk about the mindset of “enough.”

How many times a day does “not enough” show up?

·      “I didn’t get enough sleep.”

·      “I don’t have enough to wear.”

·      “I can’t go because I don’t have enough money.”

·      “There’s not enough good single men in this town.”

·      “There’s not enough time to do everything I need to do.”

Any of these sound familiar?

When you wake up and immediately start your day believing that you don’t have enough, that’s exactly what will manifest in your next 24 hours – and potentially the rest of forever if you don’t shift your focus.

Then, after a day of “not enough,” you’ll further reinforce this negative mindset by telling yourself, “I was right. Not enough time, not enough sleep, not enough money. Why even try?”

Today I encourage you to shift your thinking. Focus on all the areas of your life that are abundant and overflowing with more than enough. For instance:

·      All the mornings you slept in and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day

·      All the nights you spent surrounded by your favorite people, doing your favorite things, and laughing so hard your belly hurt

·      All the meals you’ve eaten that have excited your taste buds and left you full to the brim

·      The friendships and relationships you have that ignite your fire and make you feel more “you” than when you’re alone

Wake up and truly believe that today is enough, you are enough, you do enough, and you have enough. Write it out. Say it 3 times. Tell a friend. Tell all your friends!

What you believe in your mind you manifest in your life. So it’s up to you – do you have enough?

Positive Vibes,



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