What’s On Your Dream List?

On a plain white piece of copy paper, hanging on my whiteboard, is my “Dream List.” What the heck is a dream list, you may ask? It’s a list of the places I want to go, the things I want to do, the accomplishments I want to accomplish, and the fears I want to conquer.

I keep it in plain sight so that I can’t escape it. It’s this big bold reminder that “YOU’VE GOT DREAMS GIRL! GET TO WORK!” (It doesn’t hurt that I wrote it in highlighter green and orange…)

So what’s this have to do with you? Aren’t dreams kind of… personal?

Here’s my theory: when we share our dreams with the world we’re putting ourselves out there–like super duper vulnerable. 1) People could judge you for wanting something they don’t understand 2) If you don’t reach a certain dream you’re going to look like a failure 3) Writing them out and then sharing them makes them so real–you can’t really hide from them.

So here I am–putting them out there. And I’d love to hear what yours are too! Or if you’ve been to these places, done these things, or accomplished these tasks — I’m all ears for advice and pointers!

Here’s what’s on it:




Glacier National Park




Lake Tahoe

Fiji (round 2)

New Zealand


Write a book

Speak at an event

Learn to rock climb (well)

Adopt a shelter dog

Volunteer weekly

Master a fancy recipe

Live in a different state

Regularly get 100+ views on blog per day

Be my own boss

dogsrock climbPositive vibes,


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