On a plain white piece of copy paper, hanging on my whiteboard, I have a “Dream List.” What the heck is a dream list, you may ask? It’s a list of the places I want to go, the things I want to do, the accomplishments I want to accomplish, and the fears I want to conquer.

I keep it in plain sight so that I can’t escape it. It’s this big bold reminder that “YOU’VE GOT DREAMS GIRL! GET TO WORK!” (It doesn’t hurt that I wrote it in highlighter green and orange…)

So what’s this have to do with you? Aren’t dreams kind of… personal?

Here’s my theory: when we share our dreams with the world we’re putting ourselves out there — like super duper vulnerable. 1) People could judge you for wanting something they don’t understand 2) If you don’t reach a certain dream you’re going to look like a failure 3) Writing them out and then sharing them makes them so real — you can’t really hide from them anymore

So here I am — putting them out there. And I’d love to hear what yours are too! Or if you’ve been to these places, done these things, or accomplished these tasks — I’m all ears for advice and pointers!

Here’s what’s on it:
Glacier National Park
Lake Tahoe
Fiji (round 2)
New Zealand



Write a book
Speak at an event
Learn to rock climb (well)
Adopt a shelter dog
Volunteer weekly
Master a fancy recipe
Live in a different state
Regularly get 100+ views on blog per day
Be my own boss
dogsrock climb
Positive vibes,



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