Best Friend Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. Your tummy has been sufficiently stuffed with turkey and all of the toppings and it’s time to start thinking about *gasp* Christmas! Honestly, I couldn’t be more jolly, I mean joyful.

Shopping for your best friend can be difficult. The girl deserves the world but you can’t exactly afford that (right now). So what’s a girl to do?

Don’t worry, I got you!

Below, find my Girlfriends Gift Guide of 2017. There’s something to please everyone on your Nice List — without breaking the bank.

Handwritten letter. Nothing says “I love you” better than taking the time to pen out a letter of gratitude to your bestie. Buy some cute stationary and maybe some stickers (hello HobbyLobby!) and say all the things you forget to say on a daily basis. I love writing lists like: “10 reasons I appreciate you,” “5 times you made me laugh,” “20 things I love about you.”

Simple jewelry. Some girls are very particular about their jewelry – it’s kind of like boyfriends, we don’t all have the same taste. But you can’t go wrong with a simple, dainty piece like a slim gold bar stamped with their initial. Plus: Etsy has tons of options so you can support small businesses!
Initial necklace

Pampering. Give your girlfriend the ultimate level of relaxation with a gift card to a spa. Whether she’s into massages or facials – she’ll appreciate you looking out for her mental health. Bonus points if you turn it into a girl’s day and get a couple’s massage while sipping on mimosas.

Something to sip. Is your best friend a coffee or tea addict? Pick her up an adorable mug and a stash of her favorite drink or a gift card to her go-to caffeine spot. If she’s into the hard stuff, swap the mug for wine glasses or champagne flutes and pair them with a bottle of whatever she likes to kick back with.

Tickets. Memories make the best gifts. Hop online to see what concerts or events are coming up that interest both you and your bestie. Snag two tickets and plan a weekend getaway just the two of you. It doesn’t have to be crazy and extravagant – it can even be right there in your own city! Think beyond concerts too, like sporting events, plays, or amusement park passes.

Snack attack. We all have that one friend – the snacker. In my friend group, it’s me. Nothing makes this person happier than having a cupboard chock full of all their favorite goodies. Grab a super-cute basket and fill it with protein bars, popcorn, nuts, chocolates, and whatever else your girl likes. Bonus points if the basket is cute enough to be repurposed and used for organizing/storage.

Time. OK, maybe this one is a bit cheesy, but nothing means more than good old-fashioned girl time. Our lives are insanely busy with work, family, hobbies, sleep, etc. so the best gift of all is uninterrupted time. Plan a perfect day: start with brunch (chocolate chip waffles & mimosas anyone??), head to the salon to get your nails done, see that chick-flick you’ve been dying to watch, get a partner workout in ( has some fab ideas), bake something delicious to snack on, and end the night with wine and dinner. Honestly — this gift will be the one they remember most.

Whatever you’re celebrating this season — have a joyful one. Remember to give love and grace to everyone you meet and not to worry so much about material things. Presents can be fun — I for one LOVE picking them out, but they’re not that important in the grand scheme of things.

What’s on your wish list this year?

Positive vibes,



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