Handwritten Notes: And Why You Need To Write Them

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: People love to feel special.

OK, that’s not really a secret. But how special do you feel when receiving a text, a mass Snapchat, or a tag on Facebook?

(I’ll be completely honest, when someone tags me in a meme I feel incredibly blessed.)

Anyway – the answer is probably, “Not very special.” But how excited do you get when you receive a letter in the mail? Or think back to Jr. High when your friend slipped you a note during math class – that excitement is almost tangible.

A habit I’ve gotten into is writing at least one letter a week to someone I love and care about. Even if it’s short. Even if it simply says, “I’m thinking about you and I appreciate you.” Even if I don’t have the perfect card, or the right words, or the “time.”

And it’s changed my life almost in the same way that journaling has. It gives me an outlet to express gratitude and love. It gives me a reason to buy cute cards that I find in the aisles of Target. It’s an easy way to let people know that even though life is hectic and maybe I haven’t seen them in a while, I’m still thinking about them and I still care.

Plus – it’s incredibly therapeutic, and even better is when they return the favor and you basically get like 16 pen pals. Which is every kid’s dream.

Feel weird writing random notes? Here are some prime opportunities to drop a few lines:

  •        Your friend just landed a bomb internship/job and deserves to know how proud you are.
  •       Your mom makes the best dang cookies around and you want to remind her how happy you are she’s your mom – and lowkey remind her of your address so she can ship some goodies.
  •       Your significant other somehow always seems to make you laugh when you’re having a crap day and you haven’t said “thanks” in a while.
  •        Your roommate has been cleaning more than usual lately and you’ve been slacking a little bit – it’s time to let her know you’ve noticed and you’re thankful.
  •        Your colleague wore a super cute outfit last week and you’re beyond jealous of the way she flawlessly pieces together outfits.
  •        To say, “Thank you” to someone who: makes you smile, goes out of their way to help you, is always positive.

Aside from drinking more water and journaling daily, this is by far my favorite habit. Let me know if you give it a shot (and/or want to be pen pals!)

Pro tip: Start a “note” in your phone with people’s addresses so you don’t have to constantly ask them, “What’s your address again?”

Positive vibes,

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