Go With Your Gut

The intricacies of the mind body connection are nothing short of baffling. Deep in our brains lies the hypothalamus, our primary thirst center. When your body needs water, this area becomes increasingly active and sends a message: DRINK. NOW. And what do you do? You drink of course. Do you fight your mind on this? Ignoring annoying symptoms like dry mouth, fatigue, and headaches? Of course not, your body and mind are smart enough to know what they need.

It doesn’t stop there. Our brains are divided into two systems. System one makes rapid, subconscious decisions. System two is slower and more analytical. Researchers have found that our “gut” feelings originate in system one – hence why they’re often immediate. They’ve also found that system one tends to have the correct answer more often than not.

Why is it then that we challenge this amazing feat of the human mind? Opting to fight it and ignore the symptoms like stress, fatigue, and headaches. We convince ourselves that it’s “just a feeling” and “it’ll pass.” Or maybe we heed the advice of others, getting so wrapped up in outside opinions that we basically tell our brains, “Thanks for doing your job but these people know better.”

Guys! Listen to your gut. Get in tune with your heart, with what your mind, body, and life need. If something doesn’t sit right with you, be it a relationship, friendship, job, location, etc. – make a change. If something is missing – go find it.

The water is right in front of you – don’t stay thirsty.

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