Finally Fall!

Or should I say, “Wow, why is it winter?” Anybody else think winter swooped in a little too quickly? Seems like I was just wearing shorts and a long-sleeve and working up a sweat. Now I’m wrapped in 13 layers and shivering.

Anyway, enough complaining from me. Today I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals and what I want out of this “journey.” (For those of you wondering, my ‘journey’ isn’t anything specific, just life.)

And there’s something to be said about making your goals public – to hold you accountable and provide support. Also, sometimes seeing other people’s goals spark ideas within my own head and I think to myself, “That’s a great goal – maybe I could do that too.”

So here they are. My November goals in all their glory.


  • Write at least 1 letter to a friend or family member per week.
  • Grab coffee or food with 2 people I’ve lost touch with.
  • LISTEN better – and talk less.


  • Bring in $600 from side-jobs and freelancing.
  • Stick to budget completely *cough* less coffee *cough*.


  • Get in the gym at least 4 days per week and do 20-30 minutes of yoga on my days off.
  • Don’t cut any workouts short unless I’m sick or injured – no, being tired doesn’t count.
  • Listen to my body and love it even if it doesn’t look or perform exactly how I want it to.


  • Worry less about how much I’m eating and more about the types of foods I’m putting in my body.
  • Start each morning with a big glass of water before drinking any tea or coffee.
  • Eat 3 servings or more of veggies every day.
  • Eat 1 dessert per week – Thanksgiving, I’m looking at you.


  • Read 3 books by Christmas.
  • Keep up to date on my blogs – 3 per week.
  • Think positively and speak positively.
  • Only commit to things that bring me energy or add value to my life – don’t just say, “yes” because I feel I should.


There you have it, my November goals. These will be pinned up around my room and left in the notes on my phone so I can never escape them. What goals do you have this month?

Positive vibes and good luck,


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