3 Protein/Snack Bars You Need To Try

Whole foods are the way to go – most of the time. But sometimes you’re too busy or too rushed to sit down and eat a real meal. That’s what makes bars such an easy fix. Except on closer examination, a lot of “health bars” are loaded with sugars, fake sugars, and ingredients you just don’t want in your body.

So here are 3 bars to feel good about! And 1 that tastes so good I’m willing to “slip up” for.


Why I love them: They’re simple. RX uses real ingredients, like egg whites and nuts, to make a delicious high protein bar that’s perfect for mid-day or post-workout. They’re kind of gooey – so grab a napkin or a hand wipe.

Favorite flavors: Chocolate Sea Salt & Mint Chocolate

Macros: 22C 9F 12P (Chocolate Sea Salt)

Other: No dairy, no soy & gluten free



Why I love them: Protein + Omega-3s. I’m not a huge fan of fish, and I sometimes (Ok, a lot of the times) forget to take my fish oil tabs. So I love the fact that these bars taste amazing and have my heart health covered. Every flavor has 250mg of DHA and EPA omega-3s – which is half of your recommended daily amount. PS: They only have 5g of sugar and are made with grass-fed whey, all things I love.

Favorite flavors: Vanilla Almond & Chocolate Mint

Macros: 22C 7F 14P (Vanilla Almond)

Other: Gluten free & non-GMO



Why I love them: Minimal ingredients and maximum flavor. LARABARS aren’t a protein bar, they’re more of a “carb & fat bar,” so I like to indulge in them pre-workout. They’re made from real, simple ingredients that you can pronounce, mainly fruit and nuts. Their texture can take some getting used to, but I promise you’ll fall in love the more you eat them.

Favorite flavors: Cashew Cookie & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Macros: 23C 12F 6P (Cashew Cookie – THIS BAR HAS ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS!!!!)

Other: Kosher, vegan, non-GMO, soy free, dairy free, and gluten free


My guilty pleasure: Oh Yeah! Birthday Cake

This bar tastes exactly like birthday cake AND is covered in sprinkles, so what’s not to love? The macros are great: 24C 7F 21P. But there’s a bunch of ingredients (some I can’t even pronounce) so they’re not my go-to. Although, they taste like Heaven.

birthday cake

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