11 Simple Ways To Boost Happiness

Bad moods, stress, anxiety, and fatigue – they all suck. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to boost your happiness and immediately feel better. Plus, they’re so simple and take almost no time at all.

Next time you find yourself tired, grumpy, sad, or stressed, give one of these 11 tactics a whirl and I promise you’ll be feeling better in no time.

  1. Shake up your schedule. Sometimes monotony is the cause of feeling stuck and unsatisfied. Do something different today than you typically have planned. Drive a new route to work, eat somewhere you’ve never been, skip the gym and go to your favorite bookstore, just do something different. Remind yourself that there’s more than one flavor to life – and it’s OK to try them all.mark-cruz-330105.jpg
  2. Spread some love. Volunteering has been linked to increased happiness again and again. Grab a friend and go make someone’s day. You’ll be amazed how fulfilled you’ll feel after. Not sure where to volunteer? VolunteerMatch.com is a great place to start!volunteer.jpg
  3. Get organized and treat yourself. Decluttering and organizing your spaces can drastically decrease stress and anxiety. Don’t try to tackle it all at once – go room by room to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Once you finish a space, treat yourself by taking a break and grabbing some grub, or kicking your feet up and watching your favorite show.


  1. Wake up with gratitude. Set your alarm 10 minutes early and start your day with a gratitude journal. Write down 3 things you’re thankful for today and 3 reasons to smile. If you find yourself feeling stressed or down throughout the day, focus back on your gratitudes and remind yourself that there’s always reasons to be happy.mathias-konrath-197302.jpg
  2. Write a letter (or 2). Today more than ever communication takes place in the digital space, which is why receiving a handwritten note feels so good. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and write someone important to you a letter. Better yet – make it a habit. Commit to writing one letter a week, reminding everyone in your circle how much they mean to you.joanna-kosinska-255355.jpg
  3. Connect with friends – offline. Face-to-face contact is vitally important for a happy, healthy life. Make sure you’re scheduling in enough friend time to keep yourself sane. Don’t have enough time to get your work done and see friends? Schedule a coffee shop date and work on projects together – double whammy.friends
  4. Eat some dark chocolate, and wash it down with coffee. Both dark chocolate and coffee have been linked with lower rates of depression and a boost in feel-good chemicals. Plus, they’re delicious. So even if the science is wrong, you’re still winning. coffee
  5. Snuggle up with a four-pawed furry friend. Spending time with animals reduces the stress hormone – cortisol, and increases the “hug” hormone – oxytocin, which helps us form close bonds and feel connected. If you don’t have a fur ball of your own, visit a friend who does or volunteer at a local shelter (refer to #2).dogs
  6. Forgive, and really mean it. Holding on to resentment and anger is like holding hot coals – you’re only burning yourself. Forgiveness can be hard, because sometimes people suck, but it’s so worth it. Wake up today and decide you’re done holding those coals – then take a big deep breath and toss on a smile, you’re one huge step closer to happiness.forgive
  7. Say 1 nice thing (in your head) about everyone you see. When you’re moody, it can be easy to let negative thoughts take over. Resulting in mean thoughts (“Those shoes. Who would buy those?”) about everyone you see. Try this: say 1 nice thing about every person you come into contact with. Even if it’s really hard. You’ll be amazed how difficult it is to keep a bad mood going when you’re giving off loads of positive energy.jens-johnsson-121807.jpg
  8. Get moving. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to increase energy, feel good, and boost your happy vibes. It’s the best, and cheapest, form of therapy!exercise

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