5 Ways To Alter Your Perspective

Your mind is your most powerful tool. It controls your actions, and it shapes who you are. Just like with physical fitness and diets – it’s easy to get comfortable and stop progressing.

Well my friends, today is Monday – the perfect day to re-set your thinking and shape up your thoughts. Here are 5 ways to change your thinking and grow a new outlook or perspective.

  1. Volunteer for a segment of the population that challenges your beliefs, or pushes you outside your comfort zone. Recognize their different needs and view the world through a new lens. Ask yourself, “How are everyday situations different for them? How can I apply that to my own thinking?”
  2. Read the same news story from 3 separate news outlets before forming an opinion. Notice the slight differences in vernacular, and piece together a slightly fuller story. Media makes money. They quite often have their own agenda. It’s almost always a good idea to digest multiple points of view.
  3. Try something completely new that you know nothing about. Don’t give up for at least a week. Maybe it’s a new workout class or maybe you give knitting a go-around. Whatever it is – put your whole heart into it for at least a full week.
  4. Turn off your electronics, grab a journal, go outside, and just write. About anything. Let your thoughts flow uninterrupted for 30 minutes and see what happens. Make this exercise a weekly, or daily, habit. You’d be surprised at what’s bottled up in that brain of yours.
  5. Ask more questions and make fewer assumptions. The smartest people ask a lot of questions. You’ll never learn unless you ask. And when it comes to assuming, just don’t. No matter how big or small the situation is.

Which will you try this week? Let me know, and happy Monday!

Positive vibes,

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