Positive Thoughts = Positive Life

positive thoughtsHave you ever lied awake at night, unable to sleep, sifting through all the incredible moments, people, and days that have made up your life? Refusing to give into sleep because thoughts just keep rolling in like the tide, relentlessly kissing the shore.

Placing your arms behind your head and staring up at the ceiling, you suck in a deep breath of air and think – this is it. This is the life.

 I think sometimes we focus so heavily on the bad days, the toxic people, and the trials, that we meander around the positives and give them only a smidgen of the attention they deserve.

Let me tell you something: It is okay to happy. It is okay to be okay.

Something I’ve realized recently is that the more time I spend thinking about, mulling over, and appreciating the good in my life, the more good that seems to show up.

It’s all too easy to stress about drama, to be angry when things don’t go as planned, and to over-analyze every wrong turn, decision that led nowhere, and person we let get too close only to tear us down.

When your mind fixates on negatives, even if just for a bit, it’s constructed to pass that thought process on to other areas of your life – even if they didn’t seem negative before. So, if you’re down about a bad grade that mood may transfer over and convince you other parts of your life are bad as well.

Good news. It works both ways.

If you allow yourself to concentrate and appreciate the beauty, the positive, and the happiness in your life, your life will seem that much better. Think about it – by simply thinking positive thoughts, your life becomes more positive as a whole.

Wake up each morning with a goal – to show gratitude where it’s deserved. To compliment more. To hold back complaints. To say more “thank yous.” To write out everything good that happened in your day. To talk about everything that went right.

If you put a conscious effort in to think happier, you’ll eventually be happier.

And isn’t that what everyone wants? Happiness? Why wait? Why not seek it out in each situation, each morning, every day.

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