Back Work

When I first started taking fitness seriously my main goal was to build my upper back. I’d see fit women with chiseled shoulders and traps popping through the fabric of their tank tops and think, “That’s what I want!”

Unfortunately for me, I had little to work with in that department (would’ve helped to be a swimmer.) Excuses aside I got to work and went from wishing I looked like them – to looking like them. You can too.

So, here’s a killer back workout to throw down next time you need it.


Barbell Rows (Heavy): 4 sets of 12


Reverse-flys: 4 sets of 12 & Push-ups: 4 sets to failure

One-arm DB rows (Heavy): 3 sets of 15

Wide-grip Pull-downs: 3 sets of 10

|Burn out|

Pull-ups (assisted is OK!)

Push-up plank holds


Ya’ll, your back will be on fiyaaaaa after this. Go get it! And let me know what you think.

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