Mindset Matters


Mind over matter: we’ve all heard it. But I want you to adhere to a new adage: mindset matters. Your life quite literally stems from your thoughts, internal beliefs, and the split-second decisions you’re constantly making. Every action, reaction, connection, and move you make is based off of little thoughts radiating throughout your brain.

Think of your thoughts, confidence, and decisions as your soft brain tissue: vulnerable to its surroundings. Now, think of your mindset as your skull: protective and strong. Ideally, we want a skull that houses our brain perfectly, keeping it safe from outside harm and allowing it to function efficiently.

That’s exactly what your mindset does for your thoughts. And since we know our thoughts control our actions, a positive, strong, protective mindset is vital for a successful happy life.

What’s this mean and why does it matter?

  1. You don’t have control. Life happens, whether we’re ready or not. Mistakes will be made. People will get sick. Things will not go as planned. If your mindset isn’t one that says, “I’m ready and capable of whatever life throws at me today,” then you’re in for a rough ride.
  2. Confidence is key. Own your thoughts. Believe in yourself. Fully embrace your values, your skills, and your beliefs, because when outside voices start throwing their stones of negativity your way, you’ll want a solid wall that’s built on a confident foundation.
  3. It starts with you. Everything that flows from you into the world is your responsibility. Each word you say, action you do, and person you come into contact with is an opportunity to better the world. A healthy, positive mindset ensures that your energy flow leaves nothing but good footprints.

I promise that when you start each day with the right mindset drastic changes will occur. Mindset is a choice. Oftentimes one that needs to be made each morning, and multiple times throughout the day. Find a way to re-charge and realign that works for you. This might look like:

  • Journaling
  • Meditating
  • Taking a walk
  • Writing yourself positive reminders

Think of your recharge much like you would a bike helmet – an added layer of protection for your skull (mindset.) And if you were the kid who never wore a helmet… it’s time to form a new habit.

PSA: I was that kid.

How would you describe your mindset? Positive? Confident? Confused? Vulnerable? Growth-oriented? Take some time to think about where you’re at today and how you can improve for tomorrow. Then tackle your day with the assurance that whatever challenges come your way, you’ll take them head-on and ready to rumble, with a smile.

Positive vibes,



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